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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Monica Mcjunkin

Cardinal Health Cycling Team

Wow, this is the 10th Pelotonia ride already.  In 2017, we raised over $26 MILLION for cancer research at the James.  I say "we", because Pelotonia is a community, and one in which I am proud and privileged to count myself a member.


My mantra, as usual, is "Go Bucks!  Beat Cancer!" The day we defeat cancer will be infinitely more satisfying than any old sportsball win.


This is where I would usually spout some statistics about cancer diagnoses and deaths per year.  But this time it's personal. I am riding for some special folks I love dearly - Tom, Mike, and John.  All three are battling the beast right now, and they need our help.  I'm guessing you have someone to fight for as well.


We believe in the power of Pelotonia because ALL of your donated funds go to cancer research.  They often fund the research that is off the beaten path, and unlikely to be funded by the more conservative government programs.  They are collaborating across institutions and across departments at OSU, because defeating cancer will require a moon shot by our best and brightest researchers.   You can read more at


 Please help the James Cancer Center and Solove Research Institute beat this thing: 100% of your donations go directly to research. In celebration of: Eileen, Karen and Mike. In loving memory of: Virginia, Charles, Tom, Jeff, Sandy, and Derek, and many others. GO BUCKS! BEAT CANCER!

My Pelotonia 2021 Donors

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