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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Todd Bailey

Columbus to New Albany
Team Huntington - PCG, Auto Finance, Ins, Government Relations
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Commitment: $1,500.00

Robert N. Platt My father-in-law, Bob Platt, was diagnosed with cancer in March '14. By December '14, he had received his angel wings. Even now, it still hurts, but I often find myself caught up in memories that make me laugh, and sometimes cry.

Bob was a father of three daughters and grandfather to a whole crew of grandkids. He knew how to fix basically everything. He had spent a lifetime, tinkering and fixing all sorts of things. And, when he didn’t know how (rarely), he had paid it forward so many times that he always “had a guy” to come by to help.

Bob introduced me to delicious Zweigle’s red hots. He loved a good deal on an item for sale on the roadside and would negotiate a lower price on just about anything simply for sport. He also loved a good church pancake breakfast or fire hall fish fry.

I still cherish our conversation where he gave his blessing for me to marry my incredible wife. She said beautifully after his passing: “He didn’t give up. He fought it. He worked, he camped, he [square] danced, he traveled and spent time with his family. His attitude and mindset were an inspiration to me and to everyone he encountered.”

I miss Bob. I listen to old voicemails, and it feels like he’s still here. Bob and I will meet again one day, but until then, I will keep pedaling.

Jason C. Kline Jason was a loving husband, terrific dad, dedicated teacher, talented coach, and loyal friend who lived by the quote, "Every day is a good day!" He was a major math nerd and a fierce competitor on the basketball court (true to his Hoosier roots). He left behind a wife whose strength continues to inspire me, and two boys who got cheated out of learning from a man of great faith.

Jason was courageous: facing cancer, beating it and facing it again. Cancer took his life, but it did not win.

As the lucky Dad of two little guys myself, Jason's passing really shook me. It still does. He was so young and yet in that time he had impacted so many lives, including mine. 

One Goal.End Cancer. Would you consider supporting me this year to honor Bob and Jason?