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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Stephanie Kline

Cardinal Health Cycling Team
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Goal: $5,000.00

Although there are many changes in 2020 one thing remains the same...the need for cancer research and the continuous effort to obtain ONE GOAL>END CANCER. 

This will be my 12th year participating in Pelotonia and although I won't be sharing the road with 7000+ riders I will continue to push forward and do my part in raising funds for cancer research. 

This year we were challenged to make it our own...MyPelotonia. I have joined forces with my lifelong best friend Devanie to set our goals and make this year unforgettable. We started off strong and set a few goals for ourselves all set around the number 77...representing the 44 radiaton treatments her father kicked ass thru and the 33 years that my mom has been gone. 

We set the following goals:

  • We painted 77 rocks and will leave them around town, hoping to get #77smiles. 
  • Donate 77 cartons of milk in honor of her father who tirelessly worked his dairy farm for 40 years.
  • Donate 77 meals to our high school band that we both were members of and that my mom loved dearly. 
  • Donate 77 Donuts to Geneis Cancer Center and 10th Floor of James Cancer Center.
  • And finally we will ride 77 miles on August 18th...the anniversary of my moms passing. 

Then, unfortunately things changed. On June 25th while painting our rocks we learned Devanie's father was COVID positive, and on July 12th this world lost one of the kindest, most gentle and loving souls to have ever walked this earth.  We thought about changing our goals but decided that Dave would want us to keep going, move forward with our plan. So that is what we will do, every step (or pedal) of the way he will be with us cheering us on. Last year at the end of our 180 mile ride Dave was at the finish line to cheer us in...I will never forget that moment and that smile. 

Thank you for considering a donation to my 2020 Pelotonia. 






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