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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Mourad Abdelmessih

Columbus to New Albany
Team Granville Spokesmen
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Our family moved to OHIO in 1996 and we joined a local church,which was somewhat large. We decided to meet with few couples on a regular basis for fellowship. Steve and Sally was one of those couples, we met 2-3 times a month shared many meals and actually went on beach vacation few times. 10 years later we heard that Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and as many of you know there is no good cure for that nasty kind of cancer, Steve and Sally battled with this illness ,for many months and Steve started to loose weight and had water in his abdomen and jaundice, he was really uncomfortable. We as a group stood by them as much as we could,but one day he went to heaven. He had two beautiful children ( now adults ). just in May 2013 we heard that Sally was diagnosed with uterine cancer with spread to the lungs. She had fought ,but she passed away the winter of 2014 ,,,so sad . Last year my sister(3 years older than me ) called and asked me to pray for her husband ,who had some bone pain and was diagnosed with prostate cancer . He underwent many forms of treatment ,but a round of radiation damaged his intestinal tract and had diarrhea , he became so week that the last 3 months of his life he could not walk or stand. As I work with other patients as a physician and diagnose them with some form of cancer ,it is easier to for them to hear the word death than cancer. The bottom line cancer is a nasty disease , we had came a long way in attacking it ,but we have a long way. Many loved one are still fighting and we need to join our hands together to concord that beast. The medical/neurological community and the government are overwhelmed fighting for Alzheimer?s and Parkinson disease because of the significant impact of those diseases on the country. Let us join the fight against Cancer and I hope to see the days when cancer is the disease of the past like polio and smallpox.

My Pelotonia 18 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
10/19/2018 Mourad Abdelmessih $75.00
08/01/2018 Anonymous $1,000.00
07/30/2018 Granville Day of Softball $25.00
06/11/2018 Mourad Abdelmessih $100.00