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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Mohamed Abdel-Rahman

Team Buckeye-Melanoma Team
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I am a physician scientist who works on a very rare cancer called uveal (ocular/eye) melanoma. I work also on liver cancer. My research group works on identifying genes responsible for increase risk to these cancers and also genetic changes leading to cancer aggressive behavior and target for new therapy. We recently identified one of the genes important for eye melanoma and currently working on finding therapies that can prevent or treat tumors caused by that gene. The gene is important for development of many other cancers such as kidney, lung, skin, liver. So our work impacts many other cancers not just eye melanoma. Philanthropy support has been instrumental for our research. Recently my beloved aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and another relative with colon cancer. So I am riding for them and for all of our patients. 

My Pelotonia 18 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
07/29/2018 C&T $500.00