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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Chris Walthour

Columbus to Gambier
Cardinal Health Cycling Team
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I’ve always known cancer to not discriminate. Countless names come to mind from all walks of my life that I’ve known to have had their own confrontation, and namely I know I personally haven’t done enough to actively participate in the broad efforts to help advance a cure. So at least locally, I’m thrilled to commit to raising the modest amount of money I can as I plan to ride from Columbus to Gambier for Pelotonia 2019 this coming August!


And speaking of names, I know not one person should remain nameless when it comes to confronting cancer. But it is not always that simple. Sometimes those that we want to honor instead choose the silent dignity of remaining nameless as they see themselves as no different than their fellow traveler fighting their own unique battle. In a phrase – selfless and courageous all wrapped-up into one. And the reason for deepening my own resolve in helping honor their fight.


So, it is with respect for a lifetime friend’s similar choice that I chose to ride in their honor – along with the enumerable others fighting similar battles – so that we may collectively engage the resources necessary (both financial and emotional) to develop new cancer treatments that will save lives and provide a vehicle of prosperity to all.


Respectfully, I do hope you choose the same and consider a donation possibly here, or in the least in some other form elsewhere.


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