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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Doug Ulman

Columbus to Gambier to New Albany (extended)
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Commitment: $5,000.00
   Congrats! Keep going!



You continue to go above and beyond and I am personally grateful. 100% of your contribution will be invested in cancer research that will impact the lives of thousands who are counting on us.


This year I want to pose a new challenge. My goals are two-fold for 2019.


I am striving to raise more than $42,000 as I will turn 42 this year and want to commemorate my birthday with a significant fundraising total.


I am also striving to have more than 420 individual donors contribute to this effort. As a small incentive I will personally contribute an additional $10 for every donation received this year.


Thank you for helping to reach these individual goals which are a part of the much larger Pelotonia movement.


As Pelotonia prepares to announce our largest cancer research investment ever – a $50MM commitment (to a $200MM project) to create the Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology – we would be humbled to have you join us on this journey.


This new institute will quickly become an international leader in the fast growing field of immunotherapy. The institute will create new breakthroughs that will benefit patients and families all around the world.


Dr. Zihai Li was just recruited to lead this institute and we could not be more excited about the potential.


You make all of this possible. All of it. 100%.


Please consider a gift that helps us reach our collective goal. And consider joining us as a rider or virtual rider at


You can also purchase cool new merchandise from our store at


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


One Goal,


My Pelotonia 19 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
03/21/2019 tom & liz kaplan $100.00
03/15/2019 The Depew Crew $10.00
03/15/2019 Shannon & Lee Peterson $100.00
03/14/2019 Kelsey Clarke Grode $50.00
03/14/2019 Stacy, David, Jackson and Griffin Olesky $500.00
03/13/2019 Cantor Bat-Ami and Rabbi Jay Moses $72.00
03/13/2019 Anonymous $1,000.00
03/13/2019 Donald Kirk $500.00
03/11/2019 Anonymous $50.00
03/11/2019 Anonymous $11.00
03/06/2019 Harold A Asher $360.00
03/06/2019 Peggy and Andy Matlow $200.00
03/04/2019 Anonymous $180.00
03/02/2019 Kathleen & Michael Schoen $1,000.00
02/27/2019 Alanna Iverson $50.00
02/27/2019 David Kass $500.00
02/26/2019 Kristin and David Sabgir $200.00
02/26/2019 The Greenleaf Family $1,000.00
02/26/2019 Janet & Rick Remiker $300.00
02/21/2019 Scott Sadowsky $250.00
02/20/2019 Doug Ulman $100.00
01/08/2019 Bob Wynn $250.00
12/21/2018 The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation Inc $1,000.00
12/04/2018 Anonymous $1,000.00