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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Douglas Gimple

Columbus to New Albany
Diamond Hill Capital Management
My Fundraising Progress:
$0 My Goal: $2,500.00
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I am riding in Pelotonia for the fifth year in a row. As the ride has been cancelled this year due to the ongoing pandemic, I have opted to set my goal of riding 1,000 miles from June 6th to August 6th, both on the road and on an exercise bike.  I've been through a cancer scare of my own back in 2014 and know too many people impacted by this disease to not do my part to help out.  I hope you'll support me in this endeavor.

100% of every dollar you donate is invested in innovative cancer research, the brightest minds and ideas, and the tools and technology needed to change the future of cancer care. In just twelve years, the Pelotonia community has raised more than $209 million, but we aren’t stopping there. Please consider supporting me today by making a donation. Together, we can be legendary.


My Pelotonia 2020 Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
09/18/2020 Diamond Hill Investments Charitable Foundation Fund $500.00
09/18/2020 Diamond Hill Investments Charitable Foundation Fund $530.00
09/18/2020 Diamond Hill Investments Charitable Foundation Fund $150.00
09/17/2020 Diamond Hill Investments Charitable Foundation $114.00
08/18/2020 Lolo's Sweet Shop, 2nd Bake Sale $530.00
08/15/2020 John Blutarsky $100.00
08/15/2020 William Zox $100.00
08/12/2020 Marcy and Rick Bern $200.00
08/05/2020 Diamond Hill Peloton $100.00
07/31/2020 Joe Berger $50.00
07/29/2020 Make Whole Donation to Pelotonia $64.00
07/17/2020 PULLL Donation $1.47
07/16/2020 Lolo’s Sweet Shop $50.00
07/16/2020 Anonymous $10.00
07/07/2020 Lolo’s Sweet Shop Bake Sale $500.00
07/05/2020 Grigor Andolov $100.00
07/05/2020 Anonymous $100.00
07/04/2020 Anonymous $50.00
07/03/2020 Anonymous $100.00
07/02/2020 Anonymous $1,500.00
06/28/2020 Anonymous $100.00
06/28/2020 Anonymous $50.00
06/07/2020 Caitlin Gerdes $150.00
06/07/2020 Daniel Iddings $50.00
06/07/2020 Anonymous $150.00