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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Meghan Athey

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My husband Sean and I have decided to ride in Pelotonia for our first time this year.  While we have always donated and supported cancer research, it became more important than ever when we lost our dear family friend, Fergy, to cancer in October 2015.  Even though it seems like we hear about people all the time being diagnosed with cancer, it hit so close to home when Fergy was diagnosed and when he ultimately passed away from this horrible disease.  I’m angry and fed up with this disease.  I’m sad that my sister-in-law had to watch her dad, a Vietnam veteran make it out of war but had to through chemo and fight lung cancer.  I’m angry that a 40 year old mother with 2 little boys had to shave her head before the cancer robbed her of her hair.  I’m sickened to know a hair stylist, someone who is on their feet all day, had to have her leg amputated. I'm sickened that a high school student had to end his basketball career to go through surgeries and chemo.  And ultimately, I’m heartbroken that my kids will never grow up to know good old Uncle Fergy.  Or that Kelly is without her dad and Mary without a husband.  So while biking 25 miles will be challenging for me, its nothing compared to what these people and their families have to go through.  I truly hope I see the day where the world is rid of this horrible disease.  While I hate asking for money for anything, I truly believe this is such a worthy cause and any amount can help so greatly.  Sean and I have aimed to be “high rollers”… which is saying we will each raise $5000.00.  While its a lofty goal, I know it can be done.  And if you can’t donate then all I ask of you is to say a quick prayer for those fighting this disease and the family and friends impacted by it.  Oh, and also if you could say a quick prayer me and Sean don’t fall off of our bikes we would really appreciate that too!! 



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