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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Devanie Gossett

Cardinal Health Cycling Team
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“Always finish what you start”
Back in June when Pelotonia announced they would not be holding the formal ride they encouraged everyone to create a #mypelotonia goal and fundraise on their own. As past riders, my childhood friend, Steph and I quickly began brainstorming on what #mypelotonia should look like for us and we decided to join forces and picked 77 as our number. Her mom left this earth way to soon 33 years ago to cancer and my dad rocked his 44 radiation treatments for his prostate cancer, hence the number 77.
We were excited to settle on 5 goals:
-Provide 77 meals to our high school alma mater, Meadowbrook Band, where Eva Sue, Steph’s mom, was an avid volunteer and we were band members.
-Provide 77 cartons of milk to a Guernsey County organization where my dad was a dairy farmer
-Paint 77 rocks to bring smiles, Eva Sue was always cheering folks on and to hear her voice just made you smile
-Provide 77 Der Dutchman (one of my dads favorite restaurants) donuts to Zanesville Cancer Center where my dad received his cancer treatments
-Ride 77 miles on August 18 the day sweet Eva Sue passed away.
We got a great jump start on painting the rocks in June (harder than you would think-lol) and then July hit and my world turned upside down. My big strong farmer of a father tested positive for Covid and lost his battle on July 12 when the good Lord called him home. My heart was shattered in a million pieces.
Several weeks of grieving went by and my sweet friend approached me and said, “let’s switch up goals and dedicate this year to your dad”. Without hesitation I replied, “he wouldn’t want that, he never wanted to be the center of attention” Steph’s mom was just as important to her as my dad was to me. It’s then that I knew I needed to finish what I started to honor the values my dad had instilled in me as child.
We started dropping our painted rocks on our #50hikesbefore50 adventures and today completed our 77 mile ride to honor our parents.
So Dad, I am finishing what I started to honor you, our family’s LEGEND! As I pedaled that last 1/4 of a mile I saw last years finish line, I felt your post ride embrace and I heard your low husky voice speaking in my ear, “Oh Des, that’s awesome, great job, I am proud of you” just like I had heard many times throughout my life.

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