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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Girls with Gears

Lisa Hinson

We did it--ONE MILLION DOLLARS for CANCER RESEARCH and now we are back for our 11th as a peloton.

Why is that? We love the experience and the commitment to ONE GOAL=ENDING CANCER. 

We are so proud of each one of our members for their unwavering commitment to this effort. This is a group of people who take action! 

We invite you to join with us in the fight against cancer. Girls with Gears welcomes all skill levels and we support all riders in their individual cycling goals.

If you want to stay connected with our group please follow us on Facebook at Girls with Gears, on Twitter @cbusgwg or Instagram girlswithgears.  Our website is

Thank you to all who have supported our efforts over this past decade. We are so grateful. Because of you, research that is making a difference for so many is happening.  THANK YOU!

Peloton Donors

Date Donor Name Amount
10/30/2020 Jeff Pierron $50.00
10/29/2020 Cheryl Shaeffer $250.00
10/22/2020 Tara Abraham $100.00
10/20/2020 Annie $25.00
08/08/2020 Lu Ann Stoia $50.00
08/07/2020 Bonnie Milenthal $100.00
07/25/2020 Terri and Ryan Fasold $25.00
07/24/2020 Karl Koon $75.00
05/11/2020 Leslie Paxton $100.00
03/17/2020 Local Cantina Gahanna $135.40
03/13/2020 Girls with Gears $2,500.00

Peloton Members (60)

Riders (22)
Virtual Riders (35)
Volunteers (3)