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Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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  • 2018

AT&T Peloton

Alyson Woodard

Welcome to the AT&T Peloton Page!


As a proud employee of AT&T, there is nothing better than watching a group of AT&T’ers set their minds to something. The energy is contagious, the execution is second-to-none and the impact is always (always!) powerful! 


This year, our crew is teaming up to make an impact at the 2018 Pelotonia event. And we plan on making a BIG impact!


When I informally announced to the team that we were going to do more than just cut a check this year, the response was overwhelming: 


“How can I get involved?”

“I can’t ride, but I have bike someone can use!”

“You KNOW I’ll volunteer wherever needed!”

“Can our friends and family join us, too?”


Like I said earlier, the energy is contagious!


We would love your support as we team up with Pelotonia to create the #BestTeamEver!


GREEN ARROWS do more than light up the neighborhoods in Ohio. Since 2009, Pelotonia has raised over $158 million for innovative cancer research. While the effort of the Pelotonia employees, volunteers, donors and riders culminates with a bike ride in August: rest-assured this team works around-the-clock throughout the year to make this extraordinary impact to cancer research progress.


SO WHY are we so passionate? Because we, like you, are tired of this disease. Tired of our friends, our co-workers, our moms, our dads, our family being impacted by a dreadful diagnosis.   


100% of the money the riders raise goes directly to cancer research. One. Hundred. Percent.


HOW will we make an impact? Fundraise like crazy. Take the power of our collective voices to share the amazing message of what this team is doing as far as we can reach.  We will volunteer time and energy. We will ride hundreds of miles as a team and push each other to do more. 


We are game changers. And we are going to change the game. We have made so much progress in cancer research thanks to this amazing movement, the James Cancer Hospital, and YOU. Please join me in changing the game. Any donation helps. Pennies, dimes, dollars, obnoxiously large checks!



100% of your donation will go directly towards cancer research. One. Hundred. Percent.



Thank you for helping us achieve our #onegoal!

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